A couple of weeks ago we watched a show on the travel channel about hamburgers, specifically sliders. The host was looking for the best slider. Watching it ALMOST made me want to eat one.  I have not eaten red meat since 1999 and I think I stopped eating hamburgers even before that.  Saturday afternoon I decided to attempt sliders at home.  According to the meat-eaters in the family, they turned out great!  Click here for the recipe.  The story behind this person’s recipe can be found here.  It is very interesting to read if you like to cook.  The author breaks down a slider and comes up with the best way to cook one.  For the record, I did not do the onion juicing part.    :-)

The ingredients are very simple.  I only forgot the pickles.  I do believe this is the first time I’ve used grass fed beef.  I don’t know if it tastes better, but I’m sure it’s better for the body.  I heard something recently on the radio about corn feed beef and how the cows are fed GMO corn.  I do not buy very much meat so I can justify the extra cost when I do.  I used conventional buns and american cheese (gasp).  The onions were organic, though.  That should count for something.  :-)  I think over all, these sliders were a little bit better quality, when it comes to ingredients, than what we would find at a hamburger stand.  (still striving to be a plant-based family here… failing miserably)



I could not take pictures of each step because my hands were icky.  Here’s the meat over the onions.  This is the first batch I made and the onions got a little scorched.  I could have pressed the meat even thinner and it would have turned out okay.   Once it was fully cooked, it shrank in size, but got thicker.  I perfected the second batch.



Cover the onions, meat and cheese with the buns, and the meat finishes cooking by steaming and the buns become warm and soft.  On my first batch, the bottom buns were a little soggy.  The second batch buns were fine.



We had several left over.  The gooey stuff under the meat is the american cheese melted into the bun, with onions all around.  The family really loved these.  We had to cut the boys off after three each.   I highly recommend this recipe if you like to cook and you like hamburgers!


4 thoughts on “Sliders

    • A slider is what the little hamburger is called. I’ll let you know next time I make them. We had lots left and I have some meat in the freezer still.

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